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Just as the sexual neurotic was, for Freud, someone who could not accept the essential legitimacy of their own impulses, and hence disowned or repressed them at great psychic cost to themselves, so the financial neurotic felt compelled to degrade money while idealising the non-commercial realm, thereby depriving the latter of strength and power.In both cases, health involved integration and reconciliation: a robust acceptance that one might be sexual spiritually sophisticated.What makes them big is that they get at things which matter to us personally: they discover ideas that help us live as we’d like to.These notebooks introduce two of the world’s Big Thinkers: Nietzsche & Freud, their name emblazoned on the front, with the inside blank for your own ideas.The mature person would not insist that someone who offered them a service related to their higher needs had to do so with blithe disregard to everything material – as their parent had appeared (through infant eyes) to do in their earliest years.The financially evolved person could accept in a sanguine spirit that the analyst might combine a capacity to care for them with a due regard for their own interest.He sought for it to become one of the most important industries of the 20th century (he was a notable admirer of the entrepreneurial spirit of Henry Ford).He was therefore deliberately straightforward in requesting money from clients, no less so than a lawyer or a hotelier – to the extent that if a client didn’t show up, he had no compunction about pressing them to pay for the session nevertheless: ‘A certain hour of my available working day is appointed to each patient; it is his, and he is liable for it, even if he does not make use of it.’ At the level of the unconscious, Freud saw parallels between our troubles around money and around sex.

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The myth of the poor yet great artist was the particular hang-up of the modern era – contrary to the evidence of previous centuries that had not begrudged Leonardo da Vinci for his aggressive demands for payment or Titian for amassing a fortune as large as that of a successful Venetian merchant.

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