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23-Jun-2018 22:50

Octet Rules is a short play that describes how atoms interact.

It is short and clearly emphasizes the octet rule in atomic structure.

I was particularly impressed with the description of the role playing activity Octet Rules!

which is based upon the old show The Dating Game because the author specifically describes not only the activity but how discussions about stereotyping, particularly gender stereotyping, must be addressed by the teacher who chooses to use the activity.

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ve been dating for 5 months do you really need me to tell you? Girl: None of your damn buisness GSH: Okay so what is your height? Are you going to build a criminal profile with all my information in it?

The skit got my students thinking and it led to a lot of discussion about how ions react with each other This article is actually a role playing activity that students can perform to understand the rules for filling the outer electron shell with valence electrons so that atoms can form ionic bonds.

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To develop student interest in the periodic table, try incorporating this simple, but fun, role-playing activity that follows a game-show format into your science curriculum.

Using a role-play script (provided by the author), students act out a short 15 minute "play".

Extensions are added in the article to allow more student participation.

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