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He says this is taking a heavy toll on the health of the road users, reducing their lifespan and adversely affecting their productivity as well as the economy of the nation.“Driving to work daily and being stuck in traffic for hours causes fatigue, leads to low productivity and burning of fuel.Unless we solve the traffic problem, and by extension the transport problem, we’ll continue to kill ourselves,” he says.Otunola, whose firm is organising a three-day conference on the challenges and opportunities in the Nigerian railway from today (Monday), says there is an urgent need to reduce car ridership in Lagos by 20 per cent.While sitting in the Lagos traffic for hours may seem like a necessary evil, several app developers have found ways to make navigating the city’s roads less agonising.Making your way through the streets of Lagos has never been easier thanks to these navigational apps, which provide detailed street maps, transit information, and provide interesting data on commuting.Once connected, you will then be able to chat directly through BBM.Download now and be part of the Pin Share revolution. Services like this are only as useful as they grow in users, so if you're looking to make new friends on BBM what are you waiting for?

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Eventually, he arrived the company at 10.50am only to see other candidates invited for the test coming out, some beaming with smile for successfully completing the test, while waiting for the result.

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Foreign and indigenous firms are using technology to solve one of the biggest problems confronting city dwellers in Nigeria, gridlock on the roads, creating better job opportunities for many people and enabling When Moses Iheanacho left the university five years ago, he had high hopes of securing a job with one of the oil servicing companies, but he had to settle for teaching in a private nursery and primary school when his efforts to get the dream job failed to translate into reality.

At least three of every 10 years spent in Lagos is lost to traffic, a survey by a Lagos-based transport firm, Planet Projects, has shown.

It, therefore, means that residents of Lagos, Nigeria’s economic capital, spend an average of seven hours, 20 minutes in traffic every day. Biodun Otunola, says 70 per cent of the city’s traffic bottlenecks can be located on road junctions.

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