Validating domain objects hibernate part 5

01-Nov-2017 02:42

bin/client Logging in as karaf 360 [pool-2-thread-3] WARN org.client.keyverifier.

Accept All Server Key Verifier - Server at / presented unverified key: __ __ ____ / //_/____ __________ _/ __/ / ,bin\Logging in as karaf 360 [pool-2-thread-3] WARN org.client.keyverifier. Password authentication Password: __ __ ____ / //_/____ __________ _/ __/ / , The time argument can have different formats.

You may wish to tweak the JVM properties in the wrapper configuration file: /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/etc/before installing and starting the service.

Ubuntu/Debian Linux system detected: To install the service: $ ln -s /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/bin/karaf-service /etc/init.d/ To start the service when the machine is rebooted: $ update-rc.d karaf-service defaults To disable starting the service when the machine is rebooted: $ update-rc.d -f karaf-service remove To start the service: $ /etc/init.d/karaf-service start To stop the service: $ /etc/init.d/karaf-service stop To uninstall the service : $ rm /etc/init.d/karaf-service# ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more # contributor license agreements.

See the NOTICE file distributed with # this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.

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It also supports the "run anywhere" (on any machine with Java, cloud, docker images, …​) using the embedded mode. SYNTAX bundle:list [options] [ids] ARGUMENTS ids The list of bundle (identified by IDs or name or name/version) separated by whitespaces OPTIONS -name, -n Show bundle name -u Shows the update locations -r Shows the bundle revisions --no-ellipsis -l Show the locations -s Shows the symbolic name --context, -c Use the given bundle context (defaults to 0) --help Display this help message -t Specifies the bundle threshold; bundles with a start-level less than this value will not get printed out.

As soon as you use a "new style" feature (with namespace 1.3.0 used by Karaf 4.x), this feature is enabled.

The "minimal" distribution is like the minimal distributions that you can find for most of Unix distributions.

Only the core layer is packaged, most of the features and bundles are downloaded from Internet at bootstrap.

It means that Apache Karaf minimal distribution requires an Internet connection to start correctly.

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #******************************************************************** # Wrapper Properties #******************************************************************** set.default. additional.1=-Dkaraf.home=%KARAF_HOME% additional.2=-Dkaraf.base=%KARAF_BASE% additional.4=-Dkaraf.etc=%KARAF_ETC% additional.5=management.jmxremote additional.6=-Dkaraf.start Local Console=false additional.7=-Dkaraf.start Remote Shell=true # Uncomment to enable jmx #additional.n=management.jmxremote.port=1616 #additional.n=management.jmxremote.authenticate=false #additional.n=management.jmxremote.ssl=false # Uncomment to enable Your Kit profiling #additional.n=-Xrunyjpagent # Uncomment to enable remote debugging #additional.n=-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE #additional.n=-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005 # Initial Java Heap Size (in MB) #initmemory=3 # Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB) maxmemory=512 #******************************************************************** # Wrapper Logging Properties #******************************************************************** # Format of output for the console.