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He agreed, so I thought we had better pass this by the girls who thought it would be fun.

So, Jill and Rick showered first in our bathroom as Darlene and I waited.

They were laughing and licking, and tickling and just having fun, each slick with our cum and their juices.

Rick asked if we could all use our shower to clean up and I suggested that we pair off and he shower with Jill and I shower with his girlfriend, Darlene.

We watched in bits and pieces as we continued feeling and playing with each other, then Jill leaned over and began sucking my cock. My girlfriend had never been particularly open about being physical in front of other people, this was a real first.

I reached over and got my hand up under her and pulled her panties aside and started fingering her very wet pussy. Rick and Darlene were also wasting little time as they now had Rick's pants and briefs off and Darlene's skirt was up around her waist and her panties were discarded on the floor.

When I came back in the room, I was startled to see my girlfriend also up on the sofa behind Darlene licking her pussy as Darlene sucked off Rick.

As I turned on the camera, Darlene turned around and took Jill in her arms and kissed her as they began taking off what was left of each other's clothes.

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I'm just not into that, I just don't want to do it."Look, we can just try it and if you still object, then I'll erase the video. We did most of the things we normally did, I gave Jill oral, she sucked me in her very nice way, started with missionary-style, reversed to girl-riding cowboy frontwards, then backwards, ending with doggie-style.And I promise to do your most favorite thing all you want for as long as you want." I knew that if anything would do it, that had the best chance. I never mentioned it to her that I had a camera running and then made a good edit and planned a premier showing the next weekend. " "Well, just get naked, slip on the robe and we'll watch the video I made of us having sex." "You did it? I never saw you doing it." "That's the way you wanted it, right? Okay, let's see this masterpiece." I already knew it was really good.I had my arm around her with my hand rubbing her breast and by the time the video was over, we were on the floor fucking like teenagers.

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So, Jill kept a copy on her computer and I would find her at times watching it with her hand in her panties and wait for her to watch it all, then whisk her off to bed for a great, hot fuck.As I taped them, they were soon on the floor, one over the other, eating each other out, as Rick and I watched and played with our cocks and the girls gave each other orgasms.